In the spirit of fall we want to share our latest project and the amazing outdoor living space with it! The key to a great Lowcountry home is the integration of indoor & outdoor living. In doing so there are a few must haves when integrating something like this into your home but the MOST important is the screen element. Here in South Carolina, it is no surprise that we have gnats, mosquitos, palmetto bugs and much more undesirable critters. A quality screen porch is always a mush have. In doing so there are some options that a new homeowner should consider. Screens come in many material options – Aluminum, Fiberglass, Copper and even Stainless Steel! For sq/ft and value, fiberglass will be a great option. On higher end projects we integrate metals that offer a different finish and color. There are also size options as well (which is measured by the number of strands per square inch). For the tiny no-see-ums the 20 x 20 mesh is the way to go. If you want a bit more air flow or have a larger area to screen, consider 18 x 14!