One of the most important aspects of a home’s aesthetics and energy efficiency are its windows. Not all windows are the same! With what seems like an easy decision to many, isn’t so easy. Impact ratings, UV control, air quality and material(s) are all an important piece of the puzzle when selecting a proper window for your home and region. Yes, design should play a major role in fitting your custom home with the right windows but there are several other factors that should be in play. Marvin© brand windows are considered to be some of the best windows in today’s market. With hundreds of variations and custom sizing abilities Marvin© windows offer a wide range of options.

When selecting windows for your region (whether it’s hot, cold, dry or humid etc..)  Marvin focuses on their window “glass & glazing” process. For the Lowcountry climate the “Low E3” glazing is a great option due to extreme UV exposure & high home cooling costs. In our region, a quality window will reflect heat while keeping the air inside cool. These windows do just that!