Full steam ahead on our beautiful Colleton River home. As we wrap up our framing and sheathing we will dive into forming and shooting the plunge pool! We are roughing in mechanicals inside the existing structure while we start to think back porch. Because the pool is inset and flush within the screened back porch, we had to form and shoot the pool first before we could cold joint pour the remaining porch to the main house slab. Very cool process to watch. While this is going on we are starting out roof & siding prep. Fascia is painted and our underlayment has been tacked up! Tiger paw for the shingle and our asphalt for the metal roof details!

The need for roof underlayment is in its durability, water resistance, and UV/Heat protection. Having that barrier between your roof deck and roofing material is a must have whether you are using metal, shingle or slate materials! Another Benefit to Synthetic underlayment is its lifespan. If installed properly, you can see many many years in hard natural elements while keeping you roof decking good as new!